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4th Recruit Training Battalion Logo

4th Recruit Training Battalion Logo

This is an instant digital download of 4th Recruit Training Battalion unit logo.

I personally use PDFs for all my engravings however I know the most common file type for engravers, CNC, and craft cutters is SVG so it will also be included. Scaleable to any size

 About My Artwork
  • READY-TO-USE! No need to "clean up" the artwork prior to use
  • My files are made in Illustrator and DO NOT utilize the trace function
  • All strokes in the artwork are converted and made into compound paths and groups
  • No unnecessary fills or strokes that would ruin your materials or time
  • Includes a stroke border that is used as a cut line; can be hidden in editing software or ignored in programs

    For more a more in depth explanation of the above you can checkout my article: About Patches

    If you need any assistance please don't hesitate to reach out. Send an email to 

    Artwork size: 292"w x 2.52"h

    With border: 3.26"w x 2.65"h


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