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Almost a year ago I had purchased a Glowforge on a whim with no real idea of what I would do with it. I knew the potential of having a laser cutter/engraver but I also knew the limitations of the Glowforge (bed size) so I wasn't planning on utilizing it with my frames. For months I had no idea of what I was going to make or how I would bring in any type of revenue with it.

I had started messing around with a chevron design early on in the year but I just wasn't satisfied with the design. It wasn't until the beginning of June that an idea really came to me. I had just gotten selected for promotion and I wanted to make myself something I could put on my desk. Finally after many redesigns I came up with what you now see in my Flat Plax area of the site.

I put my chevron on my desk at work and the same day I had sold seven. I believed that I finally had my niche of the laser engraved market. I searched all over the internet in order to see if there were any products like I was making and have yet to find anything close so I decided to proceed with a new business. That's when I came up with Flat Plax. 

Initially I had decided that I would create a whole new website dedicated to just these plaques (and a few more products coming soon) but the more I thought about it the more I realized I really didn't want to run two separate websites. I came to the conclusion that I would combine my framing business, Tailored Frames, and my new endeavor into one site, I am every aspect of my business so I no longer wanted operate strictly under a DBA. 

I've created forwards for my domains that point to each respective product type. Tailored Frames is still sold as "Tailored Frames" only now it's under me rather than the other way around.. if that make sense. So if you're looking for a frame, hit up; need a plaque? will take you there. Both with lead you exactly where you need to go. 



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  • I am trying to put an order in for one of your stand up rank plaques but I don’t see them anywhere on your website. Can you let me know if they are still available? Thanks.

    Joshua Sheets on

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